Rule changes

Wet weather starts

In 2017 should a safety car be deemed necessary for the start of a race then rather than a rolling start thereafter, once the safety car has come in the cars will line up on the grid and start as normal

Helmet liveries

As in 2016, all drivers will be required to keep the same helmet design bar slight changes throughout the season, this is to make the drivers more recognisable when in the car.
In 2017 they will, however, be allowed one race (of their choice) where they can use a different design, they will also be allowed to change designs should they switch teams mid-season.

Engine stockpiling

As of 2017 should a driver use more than one power unit element subject to penalty at a race weekend, only the last of those parts to be fitted may be used again without penalty?

Fixed tyre allocations

Applying to only the first 5 races of the season, all teams will automatically be allocated 2 sets of the hardest, 4 sets of the medium and 7 sets of the softest tyre compound available for each driver. This is because the deadline for normal team selection for these events occurs before pre-season testing.

Tyre compounds

Tyre supplier ‘Pirelli’ will introduce a new selection of tyre compunds for 2018 dubbed the “Pirelli rainbow”.

There are now 7 differnt compunds available with the inroduction of the new orange Superhard (hards will now have light blue sidewall) and pink Hypersoft.

each set is also one step softer than 2017 making the 2018 Hypersoft 3 steps softer than the 2017 softs.

Engine limits/penalties

As of the 2018 season teams are allowed to use up to 3 of the MGU-H, internal combustion engine and turbocharger elements of the power unit and 2 of the MGU-K, control electronics and energy store elements.

If any driver exceeds these limits they will receive grid penalties depending on how many elements they have previously used. The penalties are applied will also change, now they will be applied in order, with anyone who receives more than 15 automatically dropping to the back.

This video from ‘Chain Bear F1′ explains this in greater detail.