2021 F1 liveries ranked

With just a week to go before the start of the 2021 season we rate the 10 different cars that will grace our screens over the next 9 months.

1) Alpine

Being a new entry in Formula 1 this year as a rebranded Renault, Alpine has a clean slate to design their livery and make it stick in the minds of fans. And they certainly delivered with a beautiful three colour design that blends perfectly into the chassis and just looks right on a race car. A fact that is furthered by recent images of an F2 and WEC car with the same livery that look just as good.

2) Mclaren

Call me biased but I love all of Mclarens recent liveries and the orange and blue design introduced in 2018 has stood above the rest. The 2020 design was my top livery of that year and as they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Had it not been for Alpine Mclaren would be my no.1 again.

3) Aston Martin

Aston Martin are again a new team with a clean slate for their livery. The difference this time is that people had expectations and ideas of what the livery would look like with almost all incorporating some form of British racing green. And again Aston Martin didn’t disappoint. The beautiful BRG base brings back memories of classic racers like the Jaguar D type. The only thing that slightly lets it down is the pink highlight curtesy of BWT who made the Force India/Racing Point cars pink. If it had been lime green (as everyone thought it would) it would have blended much better and made the livery mix of classic and modern racing.

4) Red Bull

Many people were disappointed with the Red Bull livery as they’ve kept the same design since 2015 and even that isn’t a huge change to what they’ve used in every season they’ve raced in F1, they don’t even get us excited any more with camo testing liveries last seen in 2019. However I am of the opinion that the liveries longevity has made it an iconic design along side likes of Mclaren’s 1988 MP4/4 and the Brawn GP01 from 2009.

5) Mercedes

Mercedes have always been known as the silver arrows with their silver base and turquoise strips of title sponsor Petronas. You could say that it had also become and iconic F1 livery like Red Bull. Last year they changed the base colour to black as part of F1 and Lewis Hamilton’s equality push in light of the BLM movement. And while some were quick to criticise the move as “bringing politics into sport” I really liked the new design and thought it made the car look a lot better. In 2021 Mercedes keeps the black design which I do still like although the novelty has some what worn off and the explosion of AMG logos across the engine cover have made it a bit more ‘meh’ that it was a year ago.

6) Alfa Romeo

I have always liked the Alfa Romeo livery with the two tome white and red really working on an F1 car. This year they appear to have done an inversion of their 2020 livery with red now at the floor and white over the engine cover. While many have praised the new design as an improvement I’m still prefer the 2020 design.

7) Ferrari

This one certainly grabbed the headlines and not necessarily for the right reasons. Ferrari have continued to use the famous red base colour but with some interesting changes this season. Firstly, they have incorporated a fade into the darker red used during the teams 1000th race anniversary at Mugello last year which in and of itself could have been better implemented. But the main issue is the gopping Mission Winnow logo, the bright green outline stands out like a sore thumb on the red background. There may be some hope for our eyes though, last year despite Mission Winnow being on the launch car it was removed prior to the first race and never raced as the company has ties to the tobacco company Phillip Morris and tobacco advertising having been banned in F1.

8) Alpha Tauri

Alpha Tauri is another case like Alfa Romeo in that they appear to have done an inversion of their 2020 livery, now the navy blue covers the top of the car and white at the floor. Another similarity to the AF is that I prefer the 2020 livery, despite being very sceptical of the it at launch it grew on me massively over the season to become one of my favourites of 2020.

9) Haas

Haas sees an all new driver line up for 2021 with F2 champion Mick Schumacher and fellow graduate Nakita Mazepin, the latter of which has been quite controversial for reasons I won’t get into here. The livery on it’s own isn’t actually that bad and if it wasn’t for the following point it would probably have been higher. As mentioned one of Haas’ new drives is Nakita Mazepin who is Russian and as such he will have to race under an international flag rather than Russian due to Russia’s anti-doping ban. As such many were quick to point out the cars striking resemblance to the Russian flag with some suggesting the team is trying to use its livery to allow Mazepin the fly his own flag.

10) Williams

For me Williams is the worst livery in 2020 primarily because it was such a disappointment. The team has struggled to produce appealing liveries since title sponsor Martini left the team at the end of 2018, their 2019 ROKIT design was pretty bland and their initial 2020 design looked like a tube of toothpaste. But I really rated the 2020 race livery as one of their best, even better than the Martini livery, so it was such a shame to see their 2021 design which a lot of fans (including myself) compared to a default F1 game livery particularly with the blue stripes at the back. Lets just hope the car drives a lot better than it looks.

Below is my tier list of the 2021 liveries and if you want to create your own livery tier list you do so here curtesy of Aarava.

So what do you think of the 2021 liveries?

Let me know and please share.

You can view more images of the 2021 cars here.

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