Ferrari unveils final 2021 car

Ferrari has now completed the 2021 grid by revealing its 2021 car the SF21.

Ferrari has perhaps the most to gain in 2021 after a dismal 2020 season saw them finish sixth in the constructors. As such the car features a series changes to try and get back up the grid. Firstly the engine has been redesigned as this was the main reason for Ferraris drop in pace from 2019, they have also tried to make the car more drag efficient to help improve straight line speed.

Another change some is in their driver line up with Spaniard Carlos Sainz replacing the outgoing Sebastian Vettel and partnering Charles Leclerc who claimed two wins for the Scuderia in 2019.

The SF21 will also sport a revised livery with the traditional scarlet red fading into a darker red used by Ferrari during the teams 1000th GP anniversary at Mugello last year. It also features a green Mission Winnow logo (the teams title sponsor) which has divided fans due to its contrast to the red base colour. However during the 2020 season the Mission Winnow logo didn’t appear at any races due to the companies link to tobacco company Phillip Morris.

With this all ten 2021 cars have been revealed and pre-season testing will begin on Friday 12th March and will take place over 3 days compared to the usual 8 days over two weeks. It will also be at Bahrain (the same as the season opener) rather than Spain.

As usual we will share our thoughts on testing and what it could mean for the 2021 season.

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