Alfa Romeo unveil C41

Alfa Romeo has now launched its 2021 car the C41 ahead of the new season in March.

The car now features an almost inverted livery compared to previous years with red now covering the sidepods and lower part of the car and white over the engine cover.

Compared to the previously revealed Mclaren and Alpha Tauri the C41 does feature some significant external changes to last year. The Italian outfit has jumped on the bandwagon with a new slimmer nose area inspired by the Mercedes design and an aggressive ‘cape’ that starts at the very edge of the nose cone. They also keep the very simple and skinny front wing design that first debuted in 2019.

In terms of drivers the team keeps the 2020 line up with Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi piloting the car and Robert Kubica remaining as reserve.

2021 car launch dates:

Mclaren – 15th Feb
Alpha Tauri – 19th Feb
Alfa Romeo – 22nd Feb
Red Bull – 23rd Feb
Aston Martin – 3rd March
Mercedes – 2nd March
Williams – 5th March
Ferrari – 10th March
Alpine – TBC
Haas – TBC

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