Italian GP – My thoughts

What a race! After the bore fest that was Belgium we were expecting another Mecedes walkthrough, but boy were we wrong.

Let’s get to the elephant in the room before we get to the good stuff, Ferrari.

It was a dismal home race for the Scuderia after such a massive high last year. First Vettel’s brake line burst causing him to pile through the polystyrene barriers at turn one and towards a very slow retirement. A few laps later Lecerc lost it at Parabolica and hit the barrier causing the first red flag in a long while. It made me think of something I saw online a few days ago saying that Ferrari were going to purposely retire both cars to save the embarrassment of finishing as the back of the field at their home race, i doubt that this was the case but the team will undoubtedly be running from the track as quickly as they can.

With that out of the way, what an incredible race we were given with Pierre Gasly taking his debut win and Sainz and Stroll completing the podium this will be one to remember.

It all started when the Haas of Magnussen brokedown and parked at the pit entry causing the pitlane to be closed until the car could be recovered. Hamiltion however didn’t see the warnings and pitted putting him under investigation for which he would later be given a 10 second stop-go penalty (as did Giovinazzi). Leclerc’s crash then brought out the red flag while the barrier was repaired. The race was then given a standing restart where Galsy got a brilliant start putting him in second and the lead after Hamilton served his penalty. It was then a straight fight for the win between himself and Carlos Sainz. 

Last week I said that Gasly would be unlikely to move back to Red Bull but after this performance Red Bull would be almost stupid not to take him back or else he may be snatched by a rival team. 

Cermanting this is the shoddy performance of Albon who after falling back at the start was unable to make up any places to capitalise on his teammates retirement and all the other madness. But again Gasly is happier in the Alpha Tauri than he ever was in the Red Bull either way his future is very secure wherever it may be.

It was also the end of an era for the Williams team, after 49 years as a family run outfit the family will now step down from the team as American investment firm Dorilton Capitaltakes over. And while I have said for a while that Claire Williams needed to step down if the team was to improve, it did bring a tear to my eye seeing her guide the cars out of the garage signifying the end of the Williams families involvement in F1.

To sum up Italy will most likely be considered the best race of the season although with the next track being new to F1 we could get one equally as exciting in a week’s time.

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