Ferrari launch 2020 challenger

Ferrari has become the first team to launch it’s 2020 SF1000 at an event at the Teatro Valli theatre in Italy.

The reveal event was quite a spectacle with a live orchestra and multiple performances from a gymnastic dance group.

The car is called the SF1000 to commemorate that Ferrari will take part in it’s 1000th Formula 1 race during the 2020 season.

Ferrari Chief Executive Louis Camilleri said:

“It is clearly going to be an interesting year, tough competition, a long season but it is also an important season because in parallel we have to create and develop a completely new car in line with the regulations that will govern F1 in 2021 and beyond”.

As is expected with most cars this year the SF1000 looks to be an evolution on the SF90 from last season as the regulations have remained stable.

Remaining launch dates are:

12 Feb- Red Bull, Renault
13 Feb- Mclaren
14 Feb- Alpha Tauri, Mercedes
17 Feb- Racing Point, Williams
19 Feb- Alfa Romeo, Haas

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