5 thoughts from pre-season testing week one

The first week of pre-season testing is done and the 2019 season is officially underway and it gave us plenty to talk about.

Ferrari in the lead?

After a number of disappointing seasons, Ferrari will be hoping to finally get everything right and at least fight to the end.

And from the first few days of testing they seem to be leading the pack. They topped the first two days and have been putting an impressive number of laps, having only missed out on a centenary of laps once.

And according Gary Anderson’s team ratings on Autosport the car looks very secure and stable and has great traction on corner exit.

All this would indicate that the Scuderia is on the road to success in 2019 but it will be up to them to keep the momentum going throughout the season.

Mclaren improving

Yes, believe it or not Mclaren for once seems to have had a decent start to testing. They have been consistently at the top end of the lap times and been pounding out the laps.

Ironically Mclaren were second to Ferrari on the first two days and like Ferrari only missed out on a centenary of laps once.

And with an all-new diver line up and new technical staff on board This could be Mclaren’s year.

Red Bull-Honda

Its the big question going into 2019 especially given how badly the Mclaren-Honda relationship ended.

But they appear to be on form with the popular opinion being the Honda engine is noticably smoother than last year.

Apart from Pierre Gasly’s crash on day two, the team has been more than decent having put in decent times and done a number of long runs without issue. Compare this to the explosions and delays suffered by Mclaren under Honda and things start to look promising.

Williams in trouble

The other big talking of point of testing has been something none expected as Williams missed the first two days of testing after already having cancelled a filmimg the weekend before. This means they have missed two and a half days of the already ristricted 8 days of pre-season testing.

This is not the start Williams were hoping for after their dismal 2018 season, whats more on the days they have completed they finished last in with the slowest time and least laps.

As such the prospects for Williams are not looking great and as one of the last standing privateer teams it perhaps shows the extent of the deficit between themselves and the manufacturer teams.

Complicated tyres

Ok so this one is a bit of a nit pick but it’s something I felt I needed to bring up. For the 2019 season F1 has decided to rebrad the tyre selection as C1-C5 with the 3 tyres used at each race weekend being called hard-soft regardless of the actual compound.

This rule was brought in to simplify things for casual fans who don’t know what each of the compounds are but for hardcore fans like me it’s made things a lot more complex, I’ve spent ages reading through testing reviews and having to work out in m y head what C3 or C5 means.

We’ll see how this turns out in an actual Grand Prix but I’m I still wish they and kept the old system and just reduced to range.

So what do you think of the first week of testing?

Let me know and please share.

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