Michelin will not supply F1 in 2020

Michelin has confirmed it will not supply tyres for F1 from 2020, sighting 2 issues with the new regulations set for 2021.


The French tyre manufacturer (which last supplied F1 tyres in 2006) was expected to make a bid for the next tyre supply contract which goes from 2020-23. But since the opening for new applications closed on Friday Michelin said it did not wish to take up the supply.

The first issue according to the manufacturer was the need to supply 13″ wheels for one year before the new 18″ regulations come into effect in 2021.

It was thought that this would put Michelin off due to the cost and resources it would take to develop a suitable tyre for one year and do it again for 2021 onwards.

Secondly, according to a statement, was that it wasn’t happy with the switch to higher degradation tyres.

“We have received the technical specifications on which the FIA call for tenders has been issued and we have studied it carefully,” read the statement.

“Michelin’s recommendations for a switch to 18-inch tyres, as in Formula E, have been taken up by the authorities, which we are delighted about.

“However, the demand for the supply of 13-inch tyres for the 2020 season alone, as well as the deterioration of performance as a part of the show, goes against our principles of efficient resource management and respect for the technology of a sustainable tyre.

This now means Pirelli will likely stay as the official supplier as it won’t need to develop new tyres for 2020.

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