F1 to use 18″ wheels from 2021

F1 has today announced that the 18″ wheels that were first shown by Pirelli at Silverstone in 2014.


This has become the first piece of the big 2021 regulation shake-up which set to include new engines and other technical changes.

This change will affect any bids for the singular tyre supply from 2020-23, should a new manufacture win they will need to develop a tyre set of the current spec for one year before the change.

The FIA also released the required specifications for the Hard, Medium and Soft tyres at any given weekend, they are as follows:

– Hard compound: 2s degradation achieved at 22% race distance Base lap time

– Medium compound: 2s degradation achieved at 18% race distance 1.2s/lap quicker than Hard compound

– Soft compound: 2s degradation achieved at 10% race distance 2.2s/lap quicker than Hard compound

It is believed this will create more exciting races by encouraging multiple pitstops with projected race strategies being the following:

– 1x Medium Compound + 1x Hard Compound = 1-Stop Race

– 1x Soft Compound + 2x Medium Compound = 2-Stop Race

– 3x Soft Compound + 1x Medium Compound = 3-Stop Race

Although this will obviously change from circuit to circuit.

“The intent is to create the maximum number of race strategies,” said an FIA statement.

“yielding race times such that multi-stop strategies provide just enough potential of a beneficial outcome to encourage the greatest variety in the racing spectacle.”

The tyres dimensions will also change with the front tyres set to decrease in width by 35mm to 270mm while the rears will stay the same.

Along with these new tyres the FIA also announced that tyre blankets will be banned form 2021.

According to the FIA document, this is because “Tyres should provide safe performance when leaving the pits cold.”

This provides a serious challenge for teams as tyre blankets are designed to keep the tyres warm until the last minute before leaving the pits and provide maximum grip until the tyres warm up normally.

So with F1 set to announce the rest of the 2021 regulation changes before the end of the year the future of Formula 1 looks to be quite different from what we know now.

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