Santino Ferrucci fired by F2 team

American Formula 2 driver Santino Ferrucci has been fired by the Trident team just days after being handed a 4 race ban.


Ferrucci, who is a Haas F1 development driver, was originally handed a 4 race (2 round) ban by the FIA for a Series of incidents over the British Grand Prix weekend. He was disqualified from the sprint race for forcing teammate Arjun Maini off the track and then handed the ban for deliberately hitting the back of Maini’s car on the cool-down lap.

The latter incident also awarded him a $60,000 fine.

He was then discovered to be only using one glove and holding his phone while behind wheel in the paddock, subsequently he was given another fine of $6,000.

Additionally, the FIA blocked Ferrucci’s request to run Donald Trump’s presidential campaign slogan “Trump- Make America Great Again” on his car at Silverstone as political advertising is banned.

Since then the Trident F2 team which Ferrucci was driving for have released a statement confirming their split with Ferrucci.6a31b40e164d9b9eed06784e3d6067e5

“Trident Motorsport informs to have communicated to Santino Ferrucci and to its guarantor, a company represented by Mr. Michael Ferrucci, the termination of the contract with the Team.”

It went on to say that Ferrucci had defaulted on his payment agreement for the seat despite being able to compete in Indycar earlier this month.

“Since the beginning of the championship, the Driver justified its payments’ default with alleged failure by his sponsors to fulfil their obligations. It seems weird that, despite such kind of issues, Santino Ferrucci had the resources needed to enter the Detroit INDY race from June 1st to 3rd while, at the same time, he was not honouring his agreement with Trident Motorsport.”

Trident also said in a tweet that both Santino and his father had participated in “uncivilized behviour” towards teammate Arjun Maini which no doubt contributed to the team’s decision.

It is not yet known if American F1 team Haas will also cut ties with Ferrucci.


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