F1 set for aero tweak in 2019

The FIA has announced plans to alter the aerodynamics of next years F1 cars in an attempt to spark closer racing.


The changes, which were approved by way of E-vote by teams, are as follows:

  • Simplified front wing, with a larger span, and low outwash potential
  • Simplified front brake duct with no winglets
  • A wider and deeper rear wing

The announcement follows a series of studies on the new proposals which were supported by the commercial rights holder and conducted by most teams. The results of these studies have reported a positive impact on racing and overtaking which have plagued F1 for a number of years leading to lacklustre races.

These new changes will coincide with the already confirmed changes of increased fuel limits, biometric gloves (to aid medical personel) and separation of the driver/seat and car weight limits to reduce the advantage smaller drivers have over taller drivers.

F1’s sporting managing director Ross Brawn said:

“The decision of the Strategy Group and the F1 Commission taken yesterday, sanctioned by the FIA World Motor Sport Council, to approve a number of aerodynamic modifications, aimed at promoting closer racing and more overtaking for the 2019 season is definitely an important step.

“It’s also important to note that the decision has been taken after an intense period of research into the FIA’s proposals, which were made with the support of Formula 1 and, conducted by a majority of the teams. A good spirit, a good way of working together for a better and more spectacular Formula 1, which is what the FIA, Formula 1, the Teams, and most importantly, the fans want.”

These changes are separate from the 2021 regulation shake-up which will introduce new engines and a possible aero redesign.

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