Red Bull and Honda start engine talks

Red Bull has held a first meeting with Honda over a potential engine deal for 2019.

DXOA44GXcAEftt2.jpg large

After Red Bull’s sister team ‘Toro Rosso’ took over the Honda engine supply from Mclaren speculation sparked that Red Bull would join them once the current Renault deal ends.

And with two weeks to go before manufactures need to inform the FIA who they will supply next season, Helmut Marko (Red Bull motorsport advisor) and Masashi Yamamoto (Honda motorsport boss) have come together for what has been described as ‘Positive’ talks.

Despite winning 4 double world titles with Renault from 2010-13, Red Bull has only won 9 races since 2014 and suffered spats of poor reliability has Renault struggled to keep up with Mercedes and Ferrari.

Things weren’t much better for Mclaren who eventually split from Honda after 3 years of poor performance and reliability and moved to Renault. Honda has been much better since join forces with Toro Rosso with Gasly’s 4th place in Bahrain beating Mclaren’s best result with Honda.

Any deal would be for 2019/20 to mirror that of Toro Rosso with Red Bull potentially lining up Aston Martin to supply engines when the formula changes in 2021.

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