2018 F1 testing, day 3, round up

Fernando Alonso was the only driver to set a time at the Circuit de Catalunya as snow and rain caused major issues.


After snow hit the track overnight testing was delayed for three hours, as the medical chopper couldn’t fly, but by this point it had turned to rain making for very treacherous conditions.

As a result, it was still an hour before anyone ventured out on track with Alonso braving the cold.

Riccardo was next out and took a trip through the gravel trap in the wet conditions.

The only other drivers to come out where Kubica, Ericsson and Hartley all completing a handful of laps.

Alonso came out a few more times including a stint at the end of the day where he completed the most laps of anyone…

at 11.

Luckily the weather forecasts are for much better conditions in the days to come.


Final results are as follows

Name Team Time Laps
1) Alonso Mclaren  2:18.545 11
2) Ricciardo Red Bull No time 2
3) Hartley Toro Rosso No time 2
4) Ericsson Sauber No time 1
5) Kubica Williams No time 1
6) Raikkonen Ferrari No time 0
7) Grosjean Haas No time 0
8) Perez Force India No time 0
9) Stroll Williams No time 0
10) Hulkenberg Renault No time 0
11) Hamilton Mercedes No time 0
12) Sainz Renault No time 0
13) Bottas Mercedes No time 0

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