F1 launches TV service

F1 has officially launched its own OTT service which had been rumoured for some time now.


The service will give fans access to live coverage of all F1 sessions as well as F2, GP3 and Porsche Supercup, including access to twenty onboard cameras and archive of old footage.

The pro service, which includes the previously mentioned access, will go for $8-12 a month and will be available in twenty countries including North America, Mexico, France and Germany and in 4 languages (English, French, German and Spanish). Although the UK is not currently on the list.

There will also be a cheaper service called ‘F1TV access’ which will include live timing and commentary as well as access to the F1 archive. This service will be available on a near-global scale.

It is expected that the service will be available from the beginning of the season in the select countries.

It will begin on desktop and web to begin, with mobile and TV apps coming to Amazon, Apple and Android.

“F1 is the first global sport to adopt such an ambitious mobile strategy,” Said Mehul Kapadia (managing director of TATA communications F1 business).

“And we’re excited to be part of it. A single global OTT video platform, with multiple live feeds and hundreds of hours of past highlights, gives fans the power to create their own unique, immersive motorsports experiences. It’s a way to keep existing audiences hooked and attract new fans to the world of F1 too.”

Frank Arthofer, Director of F1 Digital and New Business said:

“With the launch of F1 TV, we are beginning on the journey to build a cornerstone of our digital transformation. F1 TV subscription products are clearly and centrally aimed at our hardest core fans, and we are firm believers that while we are bringing a new audience to the sport, we must always remain focused on delivering products and experiences that serve the most avid F1 fans.

“Our objective with F1 TV is simple: provide these fans with the best available service to watch live Grands Prix and provide them with the best sports OTT customer experience in the world. Our team and our partners are singularly focused on delivering on that vision: not just for launch but over the long-term. Live streaming video is an exciting space changing almost daily.”

One thought on “F1 launches TV service

  1. Fantastic Idea cant wait to watch the footage and live cams , Oh hold on i live in the uk the Home of F1 Teams and its not available in the uk but is available in America – France , Not a good start in my opinion but then my opinion does not count im only British after all .

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