2018 F1 testing, day 2, round up

Day 2 of pre-season testing today was hit with freezing tempurtures which lead to little running for most teams.


Bottas lead the early morning standings with a 1:20.325 after it was announced that there would be no specified lunch break with teams permited to run all day.

There was barley any running for the first 3 hours with Sainz setting the only representative time of 1:25.059 on the soft tyre followed by Bottas and Vandoorne who went fastest.

Sirotkin, Ocon and Gasly began trading places before the former went fastest of the three in 3rd. It was short lived as Vettel took his medium set to 3rd.

Sainz then went 4th with a 1:22.424 as Magnussen took a trip to the gravel trap on his out lap. Verstappen was only seen twice in the morning due to a fuel leak on his RB14 with the latter coming just before 1pm.

In the afternoon Vettel came out to set a 1:19.673 and take the top spot ending the day on top and completing the most laps at 98.

He was followed by Bottas and then Vandoorne who was just one thousandth off the Finn.

Carlos Sainz was next followed by Gasly and the two Williams, with the Toro Rosso having another productive day completing 82 laps with the 2018 Honda engine.

Leclerc brought out the red flags when he spun at turn 4, he finished tenth fastest with Manussen 0.006 seconds behind in the other Ferrari engined Haas.

Vettel was the only other driver to bring out red flags when he left the track a turn 1 but managed to get going again on his own.

In the final hour snow began to fall at the Circcuit de Catalunya with nearly all teams abandoning any further running bar some intermediate and wet tyre runs.


Final results are as follows

Name Team Time Laps
1) Vettel Ferrari  1:19.673 98
2) Bottas Mercedes  1:19.976 94
3) Vandoorne Mclaren  1:20.325 37
4) Verstappen Red Bull  1:20.326 67
5) Sainz Renault  1:21.212 65
6) Gasly Toro Rosso  1:21.318 82
7) Kubica Williams  1:21.495 48
8) Sirotkin Williams  1:21.822 52
9) Ocon Force India  1:21.841 79
10) Leclerc Sauber  1:22.721 81
11) Magnussen Haas  1:22.717 36


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