Substansial update coming for Melbourne say Mclaren

Mclaren has said that it is planning on bringing a substantial upgrade to the MCL33 from launch spec for the first race of the season.


Having endured a horrid season with Honda in 2017, which started with engine blowouts and problems with the fuel tank in pre-season, Mclaren will this year switch to Renaut power and hopes to at least be fighting Red Bull for podiums.

So with the MCL33 set to launch on Friday Mclaren’s aero chief Peter Prodromou has said the team is looking to bring a substantial upgrade to the car from the launch spec that will be used a pre-season testing next week.

“We have tried to develop the car as we have done for the last three years,” said Prodromou. “We’ve tried to develop it in an evolutionary fashion.

“I think you can expect to see something quite similar conceptually for launch – and then in truth, we have spent the last two to three months focusing on a race one upgrade.

“That is where the major focus has been and still is.

“To try to deliver a decent upgrade both aerodynamically and mechanically and try to put our best foot forward for Melbourne.”

“We very much hope and expect that the car will feel from the off quite similar to how it felt at the end of last year and perform quite similarly,” he added.

“Hopefully we’ve taken a step forward and then we will try to do something a bit more substantial for Melbourne.”

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