Sauber launch C37

Sauber has launched its first car in partnership with Alfa Romeo the C37.

Alfa has returned to F1 this year for the first time since 1985 as title sponsor to Sauber, the deal also brings Sauber closer to Ferrari as the Swiss outfit will use 2018 spec Ferrari engines from 2018 onwards.

The C37 (which retains the concept livery which debuted a few months ago) will be piloted by Marcus Ericsson and Formula 2 champion & Ferrari protege Charles Leclerc.

“The 2018 challenger is the result of the hard work that everyone in the factory has put in over the last few months,” said Joerg Zander (the team’s technical director).

“Speaking about the C37, the car philosophy is much different to that of the C36. The aerodynamic concept has changed significantly and the C37 has several new features in comparison to its predecessor.

“We are positive that the new concept offers us more opportunities and will help us to make improvements during the course of the season.”

Driver Marcus Ericsson said:

“We’re up against Haas and Toro Rosso,

“I think next season will be very unpredictable in some races.

“It could go very well and at points we could also challenge Renault and Force India. But there will be other races where there will be problems and we will be further down.

“The goal is simply to get into the group of teams that are in the midfield – but it is clear that there will be a very open battle grand Prix after grand prix.

“I want to be in the best shape possible to find the satisfaction that was missing in 2017.”

The launch of the Sauber leaves Renault (later on Tuesday), Mercedes, Ferrari, Toro Rosso, Force India and Mclaren.


See more pictures of the C37 here.

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