Alonso announces eSports team

Fernando Alonso has launched his own Racing eSports team in partnership with Logitech (gaming manufacturer and Mclaren sponsor).



Alonso is the first driver to dip into this sector with the team named FA Racing G2 Logitech G.

Both Mclaren and F1 itself have set up their own series with the ‘World’s Fastest Gammer’ and ‘F1 eSports series’ respectivly.

Alonso jokingly said “I’m the team principal now” when launching the team in Abe Dhabi ahead of this week’s season finale.

“It is very exciting, and it is a completely new thing to discover,” he said. “I think eSports in other formats have been very successful but in racing, it is at the very beginning, and I think huge potential will come.

“I am happy to be one of the first investing in this direction and I think good and fun times are coming – not only for us but for gamers at home and for fans.”

He also said that he would find a way for fans to get involved alongside the professional competitions FA racing will take part in.

“We have some ideas for our fans to have online competitions, monthly, that they can not only participate with our pro drivers but also with myself.

“I will definitely be slower – more the amateur level. We will have fun, that is the first thing, and we will develop a platform that is available for everyone in the world.”

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