Vettel takes pole in Mexico

Sebastian Vettel has taken pole position or the Mexican Grand Prix as Hamilton could only manage 3rd.


hamilton set the pace in Q1 with a 1:17.518 on the eve of what is likely to be his 4th world title, with Bottas and Verstappen behind.

Meanwhile, Alonso got through in 5th only to come onto the radio in the latter part of the session complaining of ‘no power’.

Further down the grid, Hartley managed to get into14th, both the Hass’ failed to get out of Q1 while Gasly failed to set a time and so finished last.

Out in Q1: Ericsson, wehrlein, Magnussen, Grosjean, Gasly.

Vandoorne was first out in Q2 with the two Mercedes close behind.

Bottas however, set the early pace with a 1:17.161 as Raikkonen came just 3 tenths behind

Ocon then made it up to 3rd as Vettel went fastest with a 1:17.058. It didn’t last long though as Hamilton went just 0.023 seconds faster.

On what is only his second qualifying session Brendon Hartley broke down, with a similar puff of smoke that ended Gasly’s FP2.

Verstappen then became the first person to broke into the 1:16’s, half a second up on Hamilton’s time.

Stroll seemed to be struggling, locking and sliding the rear in sector 3, he came in a second off the top 10 only to be beaten by teammate Massa who was just 1 tenths off the top 10.

A final push from Vettel put him in second place.

Out in Q2: Massa, Stroll, Hartley, Alonso, Vandoorne.


Hamilton got caught behind a Renault on his Q3 out-lap as Verstappen was the first to start a lap.

Bottas got very close to, Verstappen who had now abandoned his lap, then locked up and had to pit.

Hamilton went fastest but Vettel soon beat him with a 1:16.833. but Verstappen then came across the line to go fastest by 2 tenths of a second.

As the cars went out for their final runs Verstappen came under investigation for blocking Bottas.

After being slightly slower in his first run, Verstappen backed off and went for a prep lap.

Bottas set his first lap of the session to go 4th as Hamilton came across the line an couldn’t improve so stayed 3rd.

Vettel then put it on pole position by less than a tenth, after Verstappen failed to improve.


Final results are as follows


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