Talks begin over future Dutch Grand Prix

F1 has begun talks over the return of the Dutch Grand Prix to the F1 calendar with comercial boss ‘Sean Bratches’ visiting Holland to talk with representatives.


Holland last hosted Grand Prix in 1985 at the Zandvoort track.

And despite that being the obvious choice of venue, Bratches is looking to organise a street race in one of the country’s major cities. The 2 top nominations for this would be either Amsterdam (the capital) or Rotterdam which has hosted many demo events in the past so is the better prepared or a street race.

It is not yet known when the target is to introduce the race but it is likely to very popular with Max Verstappen being the local hero. A look at the crowds that flocked to Belgium to see him drive there gives a good indication of how popular it would be.

“Street races are always fun,” said Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

“they always have big crowds and big atmospheres.

“Obviously the amount of support there is behind Max in Holland at the moment means it would bring the country to a stop, so you can only imagine it being something huge.

“So as long as the venue and the track layout work, then why not?”

F1 has been making a big push lately to have more street races in order to make F1 more acessable to fans and incresse it’s popularity.

With recent trips to Vietnam and talks with authorities in London about the capital hosting the British Grand Prix should Silverstone fail to negotiate a new deal.


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