Aston Martin set to become Red Bull title sponsor

Aston Martin is on course to become Red Bull Racing’s title sponsor from 2018 with speculation being it may even supply engines in the near future.


Despite team principal Christian Horner refused to reveal anything when speaking to, reliable sources have said the deal is likely to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

“You can speculate all you like but I’m not going to confirm anything,” Horner said.

“We’ve got a great relationship with Aston, obviously working on and developing the Valkyrie hypercar for them.

“They’re doing a great job, the product is great, and they’ve got a lot of great stuff in the pipeline. There will be news to follow in weeks to come.”

Horner also hinted at something when speaking with Sky F1 after qualifying in Singapore saying that some announcement was coming to do with a manufacturer, specifically stating that it was nothing to do with Porsche, who is interested in joining from 2021.

The two parties have been together since 2016 with both sponsorship of the F1 outfit and a collaboration on the new Valkyrie hypercar headed by Adrian Newey.

Aston Martin’s CEO Andy Palmer, who previously put together the Red Bull-Infinity partnership which lasted from 2011 to 2015, said Aston and Red Bull wanted to expand their partnership and that the former is taking a keen interest in the 2021 engine regulations.

“It’s fair to say that one of the reasons I’m here today is to discuss what next season looks like,” Palmer told “And within that context, do we or don’t we provide an independent engine in 2021? And then join the dots.

“We like the sport and we are a company that aspires to be as valuable as Ferrari. That doesn’t mean that we have to copy Ferrari in every way, shape and form. We’re stronger in WEC, but having a presence in F1 is interesting.”

“I don’t know what will happen with the engine,” he added

“That will depend on how serious the FIA is about bringing the spectacle back to the sport.

“As a company we kind of sit in the same world as F1, often with the same engineers. So the technical capability exists, it’s just a matter of money.

“Up to a point it’s OK, but if we are going to continue to have heat recovery systems, no cap on the spend, and as many dynamometer hours as you like, the we’ll check out.

“But if there is a way of making it work, I think the sport would be a lot richer.”

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