Mclaren officially splits from Honda

Mclaren has officially split with Honda and signed a new 3-year deal with Renault.


The deal will see Mclaren through to the new engine regulations in 2021 when it is speculated they will build their own engine.

It also further solidifies what claimed on Saturday that Sainz will move to Renault as a sweetener for Toro Rosso to take on Honda engines, opening a supply for Mclaren.

However, it has not been confirmed if Sainz will move to Renault or not.

It comes after Mclaren suffered 3 years o poor performance and reliability, and while things did seem to pick up in 2016 a change in philosophy for Honda put them back to square one and they have been struggling ever since.

The deal also means Fernando Alonso will likely resign for Mclaren after rumours spread he would leave if Mclaren stayed with Honda.


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