Super licence change to make F2 ‘almost mandatory’

A change in the way super licence points are given out is set to make the Formula 2 category near mandatory for F1 according to technical director Didier Perrin.


Currently, you need 40 points Sto obtain a super licence to get an F1 seat.

This can be done by winning a championship in F2, European F3, WEC (LMP1), Formula E or Indycar. Or by earning the same amount over a 3 year period.

But the change will give more points for competing in F2 thus promoting it as the best and fastest route into F1 so while it won’t actually be mandatory it will become the preferred method.

“The super licence points system is going to be revised,” said Perrin at the recent launch of next year’s F2 car.

“It’s going to become almost compulsory to race in F2 – it won’t be mandatory in theory, but it will be the preferred path to F1.

“It’s very important – we want to give some value back to the driver’s competitiveness rather than their wallet.

“It will promote F2 a lot, as it will be the category that gives the most points and the best technical preparation to go to F1.

“It will be published soon. I don’t want to speak on behalf of the FIA since the FIA is going to give it, but everything will be done for F2 to become almost a prerequisite for F1.”

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