Breaking- Perez and Ocon risk race ban if clashes continue

Force India teammates now risk being banned for a race by the team if they continue to come together with bad results.


The pair came together twice at the Belgium Grand Prix the latter of which caused both to suffer damage with Ocon losing part of his front wing and Perez getting a puncture.

It isn’t the first time they have clashed, they hit each other in Baku which caused Perez to retire, lost a potential podium at Canada and clashed again in Hungary.

Despite having said they would continue to be free to race before Belgium, Force India COO Otmar Szafnauer said that after this latest incident that would no longer be the case.

He has now gone one further and has said they may be made to sit out a race if it happens again.

“Yes. If it happens again, we have to figure it out,” said Szafnauer about whether the team would ban either driver.

“We would have to start thinking about who we would stick in the car.”

He added that he was disappointed it had come to this point after giving the so many chances to race clean.

“Yes, I am disappointed that they couldn’t sort it out and that the team has to now play big brother,” he said. “That is disappointing. But the team comes first and that is what we have to do.”

“If we would have done that [impleneted team orders] initially, maybe this wouldn’t have happened if we had rules of engagement.

“So you can say that we lost out on some points. But there is always that balance between the show and allowing them to race and pushing each other, and artificially controlling it, which we don’t like to do.”

He also said a meeting would be held to explain the new policy to the drivers.

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