Hamilton wins in 200th Grand Prix- Belgium Grand Prix review

Lewis Hamilton has won the Belgium Grand Prix to take him within 7 points of rival Vettel.


Off the start, Vettel got a good start but it all in order through turn 1. The Force India’s clashed on the run up to Eau Rouge, Perez forcing Ocon into the wall but dropping behind the French man.

On lap 2 Alonso, Hulkenberg and Ocon went 3 wide down the kemmel straight with the Mclaren winning out, it didn’t last long as he was passed by both on the following laps in the same place.

The typical Alonso radio messages then followed with the Spaniard complaining it was embarrassing how slow they were.

Wehrlein then retired on lap 3, with Magnussen wanting to a couple of laps later but was told to stay out by his team.

Lap 8 was the end of the race for Max Verstappen when an engine failure forced him to pull over. Over the radio, he said “I can’t believe this” after his now 6th retirement of the season.

Magnussen blasted over the radio on lap 10 saying he needed to get off the tyres as other had already.

Hamilton was the first of the leaders to pit on lap 13 to go from the ultrasofts to softs. Bottas followed on the next lap.

Raikkonen became under investigation on lap 14 for failing to slow under yellow flags. He was later given a 10 second stop-go for the incident.

Vettel pitted on lap 15 to copy Hamilton’s strategy whilst the latter battled Raikkonen to take back the lead of the race. The Fin then came in for his pit stop.

With all his struggles Alonso seemed to have had enough and came over the radio to say “no more radio for the rest of the race”.

Perez was then given a 5 second penalty for leaving the track at the end of the straight and gaining an advantage.

On lap 26 Alonso came into the pits to retire the car with an engine issue from 12th.

The Force India’s then came together again with Ocon being pushed into the wall and losing half his front wing, Perez then lost his rear-right tyre and caused a safety car which caused a lot of action in the pits.

Including Vettel who came in for a set of ultrasofts but had a slow right-rear change. Meanwhile, Mercedes kept Hamilton on the softs. Setting us up for an exciting final few laps.


Hamilton seemed less than happy about the safety car, saying it was out for too long and was driving too slowly.

On the restart, Vettel got very close Hamilton and tried an overtake on the Kemmel straight but Hamilton won out while Bottas ran wide and went off the end of the straight.

Bottas went 3 wide with Ricciardo and Raikkonen as both went around him on either side.

Hamiton then started to go for it and pulled out a 1.2 second gap by lap 40. But Vettel didn’t give up and maintained the gap to his rival.

Perez then retired with just 2 laps to go after the second clash with his teammate.spite his best

But despite his best efforts Vettel couldn’t catch Hamilton and the Brit came through to win with Vettel behind and Ricciardo came home to claim yet another podium.

Hulkenberg had a good race to come in 6th in the Renault and Massa recovered from a torrid qualifying to end in 8ht place.


Final results are as follows


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