Red Bull drop low drag set up for Ricciardo

Red Bull will abandon the experimental low drag set trialled by Ricciardo in practice at Spa.


The set up featured a very narrow rear wing designed to compensate for the engine deficit on the straights, and it worked with the Australian going fastest in sectors 1 & 3.

However, he lost more than a second and a half in the middle sector to end the day 6th.

“In the dry, it was a difficult one, we tried to be a bit aggressive today with the set-up,” said the Aussie. “We tried a good top speed set-up but we lost too much time in the corners, the second time in particular.

“We didn’t gain enough in the corner to what we gained on the straights. It was good to try but we couldn’t do much more with what we have.

“First and third sector were awesome, we were purple, but the middle sector I am probably in an F3 car. We tried. I would have liked it to have worked but it didn’t.”

He added that he did not know if he would be put on the same higher downforce set up  Verstappen or a compromise between the two.

“At this stage, it isn’t competitive to go with it so we will see if we can make a compromise otherwise we will go with the downforce Max had,” he said.

“Tomorrow I think I will be much more competitive, we will go with a better set-up for sure. The top five were within 4/5 tenths, if we can get inside that we might be OK.”


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