F1 wants more races in Asia

F1 commercial managing director Sean Bratches has said F1 is looking to introduce more street races in Asia in the near future.



Bratches said he was looking to add more races in “Iconic cities” in the region.

Currently, Singapore is the only street race in Asia having joined in 2008 and recently signed a new contract to host Grand Prix’s.

“I’m spending a lot of time reaching out proactively to cities … and think ultimately we will realise more street races than we have seen historically,” Bratches said.

“We will go to iconic cities where there are large fan bases, particularly new fan bases that we can activate.

“We are very focused on bringing additional GPs to the continent here. We’re in talks with a couple of cities to that end.”

He added that China is set to finalise its contract extension despite doubts about the future of the race.

“We’ve been working hard with Juss Event, the promoter, and we’ve got an agreement in principle. My suspicion is that it will be executed by the end of next month, fully executed.”

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