Prema would be open to becoming F1 customer team

Prema racing team boss Rene Rosin has said he would be open to entering Formula 1 as a customer team if the rules would allow a single car.


Prema currently runs teams in Italian and German F4, European F3 and Formula 2 where it runs Ferrari junior Charles Leclerc who is dominating the season.

It also fields 4 other Ferrari juniors across the series.

It also dominated the 2016 F2 (then GP2) with Pierre Gasly and Ferrari third driver Antonio Giovinazzi.

However, he said that in order for the team to enter F1 rules would have to be changed to allow smaller teams to run with just one car. It would act as a junior team to Ferrari for example as a way to give young drivers a chance to show their talent.

“Why not?” said Rosin. “Formula 1 is a dream for every team; not only for drivers but also for engineers.

“Of course I know that it’s a dream, and it would be really difficult to obtain it.

“There needs to be a lot of changes in the structures of motorsport to do something to arrive at that point.

“It depends on how everything is organised, and in the case of a customer car, I think it’s possible to be organised.

“But of course with the situation as it is today, no – it’s something that needs to be planned, needs to be agreed and needs to be developed, also in terms of regulations.”

He added that there is no point to junior categories such as F2 and Formula 3 if the drivers aren’t able to get into F1, with teams choosing to sign older drivers they know.

The problem has seen drivers like Gasly, Giovinazzi and Vandoorne take years out to wait for a seat to become available.

“Drivers like Antonio, like Pierre, like Charles should be in Formula 1 because they fully deserve it,” he said.

“How Charles is managing everything this year is something really incredible so he really deserves a chance.

“I think that they have to put him in the [F1] car, otherwise what’s the sense of the junior formulas? What’s the sense of Formula 1 either if we are not able to promote the best drivers to the field?

“Stoffel Vandoorne now is in Formula 1, but also in the beginning [as reigning GP2 champion], he was parked in Super Formula.

“If these drivers are not able to get into Formula 1, what is the sense in having Formula 2, Formula 3 and Formula 4?

“These kids are all dreaming of F1, and if they’re not able to do that there’s no sense in it.”

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