Red Bull wants to outscore Ferrari for rest of the season

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has said his target is to outscore rival Ferrari for the remainder of the year after a difficult start sees them the clear 3rd best.


Despite the expectation that Red Bull would storm the new aero regulations, a change in philosophy and problems with the wind tunnel saw them struggle to catch the top 2 teams.

They currently sit 173 points adrift of Mercedes and 134 from Ferrari.

But after having sorted out their early problems and brought Adrian Newey back on board they have crept back up the order with a string of podiums and a win in Baku.

“From a championship point of view, I think the gap between us and the Mercedes and the Ferraris is too big to haul back,” said Horner. “But I would like to at least outscore Ferrari, certainly in the second half of the year.

“And if we can get into a situation to challenge for podiums and the higher places on the podium a couple of races between now and the end of the year – that is a realistic and aggressive target for us.”

He added:

“To solve any problem, you got to break that problem down and analyze it. I think the guys here in the technical team did a very good job of getting a hold of that quickly.

“But of course then you’ve got a lead time of a month, six weeks to try and rectify that, by which point you are already through the first couple of races.

“It wasn’t really until Barcelona that we were able to introduce the first sort of package addressing those issues, that we really started to make progress.

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