Rowland sees Kubica as rival for 2018 seat

F2 driver and Renault development driver Oliver Rowland has said that he sees Robert Kubica as a potential rival for a 2018 Renault seat.



Kubica, whose career ended in 2011 after a rally crash has completed several tests with Renault to evaluate whether he could make a come back.

But with a wealth young drivers waiting for their chance in an F1 seat, notably Vandoorne and Pierre Gasly, Rowland has suggested he could lose out to the pole despite being runner up in F2 standings.

Asked about the threat from Hubica he said:

“Well, my target is to be in Formula 1 and I think he’s on the list, isn’t he? So probably, yeah.”

“I think from a neutral’s point of view and everybody watching, it’s a nice story. It was disappointing for him when he got his injury, he was just coming to the peak of his career.

“So I know that everybody has got a lot of respect for him and the driver that he used to be, so it’s nice to see him back.

“From my side, I’m looking to be in Formula 1 as well next year. The other part of me wants me to be there, and not other people, but let’s see.”

Rowland has already driven an F1 car twice with Mclaren and Red Bull.

“As a kid you always dream about driving a Formula 1 car,” he said.

“so to realise [my dream] once again is fantastic, especially with Renault.

“I’m their development driver and I’ve pretty much been affiliated with them ever since my first day in a formula car.

“I did Formula Renault, then World Series and I had backing in GP2 and F2, so it’s nice to be able to complete the ladder and drive the Formula 1 car.

“Hopefully this is just the start.”

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