Sauber may become Ferrari B-team

Ferrari has shown interest in turning Sauber into a B-team for it to bring up the next generation of drivers from its academy.

Hungarian GP Race 30/07/17

After cancelling the Honda engine deal in favour of a continued Ferrari partnership, there has been speculation as to whether Sauber could be turned into a Ferrari feeder team.

The fact that Ferrari has two top drivers who a looking for seats in 2018, F2 leader Charles Leclerc and Ferrari third driver Antonio Giovinazzi, has only furthered these claims.

And it would appear for once the team isn’t denying the rumours.

With Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne saying:

“It is an excellent idea and something we are working on.

“We need space because we have a couple of young drivers that are exceptional. We need to find a place to lay the foundations for the Scuderia Ferrari of tomorrow.”

He added that the Scuderia is keen to support new teams in the future, amid rumours that a new Chinese and Italian team are looking to join.

“Maurizio [Arrivabene] has worked hard in recent months,” said Marchionne. “Going forward we will expand the number of customer teams.

“Both with Liberty Media with the FIA, we have made a commitment to give support to the teams that are going to come. The more there are, the better for us.”

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