Grosjean phoned Wolff after Silverstone remarks

Romin Groen has revealed he phone Mercedes boss Toto Wolff after the Austrian said he should be happy to be in F1.


The incident occurred when Groen believed Hamilton blocked him in Q3 thus losing him 2 places.

However, Hamiton was let off with after the FIA concluded he had not impeded Grosjean. The Frenchman then came out to say the decision was biased to Hamilton because he is in the title fight.

The comments didn’t go down well Wolff who then said Romain should be thankful he is still in F1 after his antics back in 2012 which led to a race ban after his first lap crash in Spa.

He has since revealed that he rang Toto Wolff to clear the air.

He joked:

“I saw the comments and I wasn’t very happy. I arranged a phone call – good news is, I have his phone number.”

“We had a great phone call, we explained [ourselves]. I think there are tensions, they’re fighting for the world championship, probably some of my words were reported to Toto but in a different way and then he got a bit upset.”

He added:

“I didn’t mean anything against Lewis or Mercedes, I was just saying that it cost me two positions on the grid,” he said. “Starting P8 or P10 is a different matter in Formula 1 and we’re all fighting for the same thing.

“So I do apologise I said the GPS wasn’t good, which is not fair to Mercedes.

“But I’m still thinking that I was on the fast lap and I lost three-tenths, so you know, it’s a shame but it’s behind. It’s all good, we spoke with Toto, we’re friends.”


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