Hungarian Grand Prix preview

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28 July: Practice 1 (10:00) / Practice 2 (14:00)

29 July: Practice 3 (11:00) / Qualifying (14:00)

30 July: Race (14:00)

Track: Hungaroring, Mogyoród
Location: Mogyoród
First race: 1986
Laps: 70
Length: 4.381 KM/ 2.722 M
Fastest lap: 1:19.071 (Michael Schumacher, 2004)
2016 winner: Lewis Hamilton
Corners: 14

And so we come to perhaps one of the most mixed tracks on the calendar, the Hungaroring with its big long straight and tight twisty middle sector certainly deserves the nickname ‘Monaco without the barriers’.

It is definitely one that will favour those with a good chassis and a strong engine is more of a bonus.

As we saw in 2014 when Ricciardo in the much underpowered Red Bull pulled off some fantastic moves to take his second F1 win only this time it was on genuine pace. Fernando Alonso was close behind in the similarly underpowered Ferrari.

One year later it was Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari that took the top spot.

However, it is Lewis Hamilton who is one of the most successful drivers here having won it 5 times. So like in Sivertone he is a very likely contender for the win again.

FORMULA 1 - Hungarian GP

There was speculation that Renault was wanting to replace Palmer with Sainz for this race. But that turned out to be wrong but it does go to show that Palmer seriously needs to get on the point board.

And given the summer break is next he is seriously on a knife edge. Just think of what happened to Esteban Gutierrez last year, he failed to score a point and gets replaced.

And honestly with Sainz, Kubica and many more drivers linked with a Renault seat that isn’t far off a reality.

Mclaren could have a better time of it here. With the tight & twisty mid section, they could be in the running.

They even took additional penalties at Silverstone to give themselves the best chance in Budapest.


Top 5 prediction

  1. Hamilton
  2. Ricciardo
  3. Bottas
  4. Vettel
  5. Perez




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