Sauber set for big upgrade in Hungary

Sauber is set to bring its biggest update of the season to Hungary as they to close the gap to the midfield.

Barcelona F1 test 07/03-10/03/17

After struggling for pace in the last 2 races, the Swiss team will bring a new aero update it hopes will get them back in the points.

Hungary is a more aero oriented track and with the year old Ferrari engine it is believed this update will compensate the deficit.

“I don’t know exactly what the upgrade will be [but] it should be a good step,” Marcus Ericsson told “Hungary is a track where any downforce we can get is going to help you and is not that efficient for engines.

“So it could be a chance for us, if we get another step from the upgrade, we could be in the mix.”

He added:

“Hopefully this next update will work a bit better than the upgrade we got there as it didn’t really give us the jump we had hoped,” added Ericsson.

“When we got the car working, like at Silverstone in the race, we could keep similar pace to the Haas cars, and Vandoorne wasn’t much faster. We are not too bad when we get our car together.

“Hopefully in Hungary, where it’s a bit less engine efficient, we can be a bit more efficient.”

Sauber is currently 9th in the standings with points, 3 ahead of Mclaren.


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