Pirelli say slow puncture to blame for Vettel blow out

Pirelli has announced that a slow puncture was to blame for Vettel’s tyre blow out at the British GP although the root cause may never be known.


The puncture came two laps from the end of the race and caused the German to drop to 7th. Raikkonen had a similar problem although his tyre didn’t blow.

Now tyre manufacturer Pirelli has said a slow puncture was to blame.

But they have also said the cause of the slow puncture may never be known after investigations came up blank.

Forensic examination has not shown any signs of anything abnormal but it could be that the 32 lap old tyre was hit by debris, but it can not be proven.

There is still examination of Raikkonen’s tyre ongoing do find what caused the runner of it to peel off.

A statement from Pirelli read:

“Kimi Raikkonen’s damaged tyre shows less evidence of what occurred, so further tests and analysis are still ongoing in Pirelli’s laboratories and indoor testing facilities. It will take a few more days to reach a definitive conclusion.”




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