Giovinazzi trusts Ferrari with his future

Ferrari third driver Antonio Giovinazzi has said he trusts Ferrari to take care of his future and to get him in an F1 seat for 2018.


The 23-year-old Italian, runner up in the 2016 GP2, made his first F1 outing with Sauber in Melbourne and Shanghai stepping in for the injured Pascal Wehlrein.

Since then has done one of a series of FP1 outings for Haas in Britain.

Haas and Sauber are both options for him in 2018 should Sauber stay with Ferrari power.

“The target of course is to be there [in F1] next year,” he said. “But for now I focus on what I’m doing now, these seven FP1s.

“To get in F1 is really hard, there are only 20 seats for the whole world, so it’s not like football. This is just my first season in Ferrari, they are really good and I trust them. They know what they can do for me.

“Now it’s time to focus on what they gave me for this year, seven FP1s, and then we’ll see what happens next year. Everything can happen. I hope I find a seat next year.”

However, he doesn’t expect a decision on his future anytime soon.

“I think it’s too early to know, still July,” he said. “To be honest, I don’t want to focus too much on what I’m doing next year, maybe in September we will see what we do next year.”

He also said he needed to get as many miles under his belt in order to regain confidence after crashing out of the Chinese GP.

“I think I learnt from what I did in China,” he said. “And to learn better is to get back in the car, do laps, and take back the confidence.

“The last time you were in the car you crashed, and then you’re not in the car anymore it’s really hard. So to come back and take confidence back is really important.

“I’m really happy with my performance, but it was not my target to be honest, to be really fast, [it was] to learn the car. I can’t wait to jump in the car again.”

Although fellow Ferrari junior Charles Le Clerc is storming away with F2 championship by 67 points, it is understood that Ferrari will prioritise Giovinazzi for any race seats.


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