Drivers support Halo introduction after major backlash

F1 drivers have said that introduction of the controversial Halo protection system will not impact the racing practical despite severe backlash from fans.


It was decided yesterday that the Halo would be pushed through for introduction next year on safety grounds. It attracted almost immediate criticism from fans and ex-drivers a like, who believe it to be ugly and unappealing.

Former driver and commentator Martin Brundle Tweeted:

“It’s not been the best of weeks and now I see the ‘halo’ has been approved for 2018 along with appropriate weight increase. Plain ugly”

The FIA believed it could not hold back on head protection, using its safety veto to push it through. Claiming there could be legal implications if a driver was injured or killed where the Halo could have prevented it.

GPDA chairman Alex Wurz accepts the design is ugly but also claims it could improve racing with drivers being more confident to take risks and push hard.

Speaking to he said:

“With regards to the introduction of additional head protection, as stated various times, us drivers respect the FIA’s stand on safety and support their ongoing quest to make racing safer,”

“Over recent decades, we have seen increasing speeds and ever faster laptimes, and this ultimate racing quest is solely possible due to increasing safety. Equally, over the same period of time we have seen an increase in popularity of our sport.

“F1 is a role model for ever-increasing safety without jeopardising performance. Whilst the Halo solution might not be the most aesthetically pleasing for everyone, us drivers will nevertheless race and push as hard as we can on track, which is the key for F1 to continue its growth and popularity.”

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