Hamilton wins, Ferrari hit late troubles- British Grand Prix review

Lewis Hamilton has taken his 5th and 4th consecutive British GP win as Ferrari suffered last lap dramas.

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It was an aborted start, meaning a second formation lap, as Palmer retired with a hydraulic problem at the start.

When they did get going it was Raikkonen who got away best with Vettel bogging down. Perez also had a poor start and was swamped by team mate Ocon.

Vettel and Verstappen then had a great battle for position, Verstappen seeming to get the upper hand with some great overtaking moves.

Into the Maggotts and Beckets section Kvyat (now known as ‘the torpedo’) went wide and then side swiped team mate Sainz coming back on track ending the Spaniard’s race.

Kvyat was later given a drive through penalty for an unsafe re-join of the track.

This brought out the safety car, meanwhile, Hulkenberg has snuck up to 5th and Bottas was up to 7th.

The Saubers had a coming together on lap 8 but no collision for the 2.

Lap 14 and Vettel & Verstappen were at it again. Vettel tried a move into Stowe but Verstappen held him off. Vettel then ran the Dutchman wide and he returned the favour at Club much to the annoyance of Vettel.

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Vettel then pitted to try and get in clean air. Verstappen followed suit on the next lap. But a slow right rear and a super out-lap for Vettel meant he came out behind the German.

Hamilton then pitted on lap 26 and came out just in front of Bottas who was still on softs, Hamilton saying he would pull his team mate along with him.

After Bottas pitted Hamilton pulled out a 19 second lead to take a demanding control of the race.

On lap 34 everyone stopped what they were doing as Alonso’s team radio came on. “no power, no power” he said his race ending there, another bitterly disappointing result for the 2-time world champion.

Lap times then began to tumble as fuel burnt off. First Bottas with a 1:31.059.

Bottas was closing up to Vettel for the podium spot, and Vettel locked up at Club trying to defend from the Finn.

Then, like Austria, it all kicked off. first Raikkonen had to pit from second with 2 laps left when his front left tyre shredding itself and nearly blew.

The Red Bull team then called Verstappen in as a precaution in case it happened to him.

Then Vettel had the same problem only his tyre did blow, with one lap to go he had to pit and dropped from 2nd to 7th where he finished.

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This promoted Raikkonen back up to a podium position and Ricciardo from 19th on the grid got up to 5th just behind his team mate.


Final results are as follows

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