Ferrari ‘not interested’ in Alonso return

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne has said that, despite interest from the Spaniard, he will not be considered for the teams 2018 line up. 2013 Italian Grand Prix Wallpaper_00015

Alonso left Ferrari at the end of 2014 after a difficult season with the prancing horse. He then joined McLaren (a move that surprised many given how he left them in 2007)  where he has suffered much greater troubles.

Yet neither of Ferrari’s current drivers have a contract for next year. And neither are safe.

Vettel is on ice over the recent Baku incident and Raikkonen has been warned to get up to speed, With Marchionne recently describing the Finn as ‘a laggard’.

Alonso is just one of many drivers linked to a Ferrari drive next year, with Perez, Grosjean and Sainz all thought to in contention.

“Alonso may well have shown the desire to return [to Ferrari], but he did not find the right response from our side,” said Marchionne. “We’re not interested”.

Regarding the recent rumour that Verstappen was looking to join Ferrari he said:

“As for Verstappen, we have not signed anything. Before the end of the year, you’ll know.”

Despite Vettel’s contract being under threat for his clash with Hamilton, He said:

“I saw him on the Monday or Tuesday after Baku, We met and we said that this was something to be avoided.

“We have now closed that chapter, so we must think of the races and not the personal squabbles.

“Sebastian is aware of what happened. I understand the pressure and it was not an easy race. We lost the other car at the second corner in a manner that was not very correct.

“But I don’t want to talk about who behaved well and who did not.

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