New Italian team makes push to join grid

A new Italian F1 team under Zoran Stefanovic has made a push to get his team on the grid in 2019.

The Serbian originally tried to get a team on the grid in 2010 and even got as far a announcing a driver (Kazuki Nakajima). However, it was dropped as he did not get an FIA entry.

“I am here to meet Ross Brawn because I am setting up an F1 team based in Italy.” He told

“Before coming to Austria I’ve put together some very important agreements: I defined that it will be based in Parma, which is located a reasonable distance from the wind tunnel. I’ve also signed a contract with a specialist in aerodynamics to help work on the project.”

It comes as a number of new F1 teams have been rumoured including a new Chinese team.

However, FIA president Jean Todt has warned he will only open up spots to teams he feels they are serious candidates.

“When we feel it is time we will be able to make a tender,” Todt said last month.

“At the moment we have ten teams and the idea is to have up to 12 teams. So we have an opportunity, if we have one or two strong newcomers it could be possible.”

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