Sainz will be at Toro Rosso in 2018 says Horner

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has said that Carlos Sainz will stay at Toro Rosso despite the Spaniard having doubts.


Sainz has been a Toro Rosso now for 3 years and thinks that a fourth year, wich would be the first time for a driver to do, is unlikely if he doesn’t find a way into the sister Red Bull team.

“If that doesn’t happen, a fourth year in Toro Rosso is unlikely, and I’m not going to close the door to any opportunity.” Said Sainz.

However given that he actually contracted to Red Bull it would be difficult for another team to sign him.

“We’ve exercised his option as well, so he’s under contract, We have an option on him for next year and the year after, so he’ll be in a Toro Rosso again next year,” Horner told Sky F1.

“I don’t know where he thinks he’ll be then!” He said concerning Carlos leaving STR. Contracts are clear”,

“You have to remember that he only got an opportunity in F1 because of Red Bull investing in him in the junior years, and it’s a little disingenuous to be making comments like that when a lot of investment goes into these guys to give them the opportunity.

“Without Red Bull he wouldn’t be sitting in an F1 car.”

Regarding Sainz moving to Renault next year Horner added:

“I can’t imagine that scenario.

“Toro Rosso is ahead of Renault at this point in time, and doing a good job, and it wouldn’t make sense to loan him out.”

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