Opinion – Hamilton, Vettel clash

It’s the talking point of the season right now. We all know what happened, Hamilton slows under safety car, Vettel hits his rear and then swerves into him.

And yet for all Vettel did get penalised for the incident he still finished ahead of Hamilton when the Brit had to pit for his headrest. And extends his championship lead.


Lets start with Hamilton slowing down. He had every right to, he was controlling the pace and Vettel should have known that. Yes it was quite sudden and from Vettel’s point of view he did brake check him.

But there is evidence that shows Hamilton didn’t brake check Vettel, if anything it looked like Vettel anticipated Hamilton speeding up and did so himself rather than waiting for Hamilton to do so.

Vettel however had every right to be angry with him after all it damaged his front wing.

But for him to then move out and turn into Hamilton is completely unacceptable. For all he knew Hamilton might have had an engine problem which caused him to slow down.

I know there are arguments that say he didn’t intend to hit Lewis and the car simply moved when throw his hands up. But he should have be mindful of that and kept control of the car. Because it certainly looked like he purposely turned into Hamilton.

I’m no football fan but it seems almost reminiscent of when Luis Suarez went round biting other players and what happened to him? He got banned.

And Vettel isn’t far off that. He was given 3 penalty points on top of the 10 second stop-go. This puts him on 9, three away from a race ban due to incidents in the last 12 months. Thankfully for Vettel so long as he keeps it clean in Austria 3 of those points get wiped.

The last time someone got a race ban was Romain Grosjean after Spa 2012.

But what makes the incident worse from Vettel’s side is his complete lack of ability to acknowledge he hit Hamilton side on, seeming only willing to talk about the rear ending. This only contradicts the German saying F1 is for grown ups, to then act so childish over the clash.

Even if it was accidental why does he have to claim he did nothing when he clearly did. Who knows maybe an apology could go a long way to resolving the issue.

Now on the other side of the coin Hamilton did slow down quite a lot and did seem to catch Vettel by surprise. But other than that i can’t anything else Hamilton did wrong. In fact it’s unfortunate about the headrest because he should have beaten Vettel after what happened.

But that’s the way it goes and it would appear as though the respectful title fight we had is gone.

Hamilton/Rosberg 2014 anyone?


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