Boullier not excited by teams first points finish

Mclaren’s racing director Eric Boullier has said he is not excited by the teams first points finish Baku despite struggling to even finish races up to this point.


Fernando Alonso finished 9th to take 2 points in Baku whilst team mate Stoffel Vandoorne fell to 12th after a late pit stop.

The Frenchman told “The team did a great job and the drivers did very well to try to get the best out of it.”

“Fernando was obviously in a good position. He got excited, and he drove very well. He was really, really on it.

“It was unfortunate that Stoffel had to pit for a flat spot, because he would have been 10th with one point.

“Any points you take is a good reward for the team. This is for me what matters today.

“I’m not smiling, I’m not excited because it’s not the reason why I’m racing, and especially not racing with McLaren. But mathematically it’s good for the team, some result.”

This feeling was seen when Ted Kravitz (Sky Sports F1) asked Boullier his thoughts and he replied simply “Yeah, great.”

He did however say that the manic race we saw in Baku  was good for the sport.

“Every time you have an eventful race obviously it’s a great show on TV. I think today was a great show because different leaders, some dramas, penalties, emotions, hunger between drivers.

“Today we had a full picture I think, we had everything. Good for F1, but it’s not the normal F1, it’s due to a few events.”

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