Honda claim ‘Dyno correlation struggles’.

Honda have claimed that problems with correlation between its dyno system and track data is to blame for its poor performance and reliability.

The Japanese manufacturer claim that it is seeing good progress with the dyno despite problems that lead to 3 power unit failures over the Canadian GP weekend. The last of which came just 2 laps before the end with Alonso on course to score the teams first points.

“We can’t create good conditions on the dyno,” Hasegawa (Honda engine chief) told “We need to create the same conditions from the track on the dyno.

“The operational conditions are different so we need to understand why that makes a difference to the reliability.

“Last year, we could prove engine reliability on the dyno so we need to understand why now there is some difference from dyno to the circuit running – it’s not easy.

“We need to improve the accuracy.”

This was worsened by the fact that there was supposed to be an engine upgrade for Honda at Canada but they delayed it saying it wouldn’t be ready.

It was on the eve of the weekend that Mclaren CEO expressed concerns about the partnership stating they are ‘near their limit’ with Honda, and rumour has it Mclaren is already in talks with other suppliers.

The teams racing director Eric Boullier said Honda’s engine was ‘Not good enough’ after Alonso’s retirement. And Alonso himself has also said that he needs to see Mclaren winning by September if he is to be convinced to stay.

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