Mclaren ‘near limit’ says Zac Brown

Mclaren chief Zac Brown has said that his team is near their limit with engine supplier Honda after another terrible season with the Japanese manufacturer.

It comes after it was confirmed that Honda’s big upgrade will not run in Canada despite already having been delayed. Add that to the poor performance and reliability of the engine already and it has brought tensions to breaking point.

The problem is so bad that Mclaren have failed to score any points this season which is saying a lot given Sauber have done so.

I myself have discussed whether Mclaren should leave Honda and it looks as though that is becoming much more likely.

“The executive committee have now given us our marching orders. We’re not going to go into another year like this, in hope.” Brown told Reuters.

“I don’t want to get into what our options are. Our preference is to win the world championship with Honda. But at some point you need to make a decision as to whether that’s achievable. And we have serious concerns.

“Missing upgrades, and upgrades not delivering to the level we were told they were going to, you can only take that so long. And we’re near our limit.”

The fact is worsened by the fact that Honda promised a much improved engine that would make Mclaren a solid mid-field team before the start of the season. And yet the engine turned out to be a big step backwards from the progress made in 2016. Heck it took Alonso 5 races to actually make the checked flag, no wonder he ran off to the Indy 500. Not that that went any better.

“So far it hasn’t worked. A year in Formula 1 is an eternity. Three years is a decade. And you can’t just go on forever.”

The problem got so bad that Mclaren were rumoured to have spoken with Mercedes about rejoining forces next year. And despite this it was confirmed that Honda would also power Sauber in 2018 once its Mclaren exclusive contract expires.

Concerning the delayed engine upgrade Brown said: “Honda’s working very hard but they seem a bit lost,

“We were only told recently that we wouldn’t have the upgrade coming, and we don’t have a definitive timeline, which is concerning because the pain is great and we can’t sit around forever.

“We were eagerly awaiting this upgrade, as were our drivers, and it’s a big disappointment that it’s not coming.

“It’s not lack of effort, but they [Honda] are struggling to get it to come together.”

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