Monaco grand prix preview

Times – GMT+2

25 May: Practice 1 (10:00) / Practice 2 (14:00)

27 May: Practice 3 (11:00) / Qualifying (14:00)

28 May: Race (14:00)

Track: Monaco street circuit
Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco
First race: 1950
Laps: 78
Length: 3.337 KM/ 2.073 M
Fastest lap: 1:17.939 (Lewis Hamilton, 2016)
2016 winner: Lewis Hamilton
Corners: 19

The jewel in the F1 crown. The triple crown of Motorsport. Monaco is one of if not the most famous race in the F1 calendar.

It’s the one race all drivers want to win. From Ayrton Senna to Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton many a great driver have won here and we very nearly had a new winner in 2016.

Daniel Ricciardo seemed to have the race in the bag. He was on pole, dominated most of the race and looked set to take his maiden Monaco victory. But even Monaco is susceptible to pit stop blunders.

And that is exactly what happened last year. Ricciardo was more than enough ahead of Hamilton to make a pit stop and still come out in front. But when he came in the crew wasn’t ready and the resulting delay cost him the race.

He will be hoping for better luck this weekend.

It was however a good day for Perez who claimed another podium finish in the Force India. The Mexican has quickly become a street race master.

This race is one that relies driver skill and chassis quality more than another, the reason why Ricciardo and Perez where able to keep with the Mercedes cars last year.

As such it will be interesting to see how the Mclaren drivers get on. Vandoorne and the returning Button will have a better chance with the slower Honda engine. Alonso is also missing this race to take part in the Indy 500 race which he has been practising for all this week. As such the aforementioned Jenson Button will step back into the cockpit 6 months after retiring from F1 in Abu Dhabi. Although Jonathan Neale (McLaren COO) has denied claims Button was and is uninterested in returning to F1.

It will also be interesting to see how Max Verstappen will get on, given that he has yet to finish a race here. He crashed at turn one in 2015 and again at the final chicane last year.

The latter of which was the last of series of crashes that saw him crash out in practice, qualifying and the race, worse it was off the back of his RB debut win in Spain.

Monaco always throws something up in the air. Whether it’s rain, a big crash or whatever else it never disappoints.

Top 3 prediction

  1. Vettel
  2. Hamilton
  3. Perez

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