F1 recruits new engineers to shape F1’s future

As claimed F1 has appointed 2 former F1 engineers to form a small group who decide on the future direction of the sport.

Former Williams, Toyota and Lotus aerodynamicist Jason Somerville as well as former BAR, Honda, Brawn and Williams engineer Craig Wilson will both join the small group dedicated to making better decisions for F1.

This comes after F1 Motorsport managing director Ross Brawn began a push to improve the sport.

The pair will work closely with the FIA’s technical group to work on and share ideas.

Also appointed was former BAR, Honda, Brawn and Mercedes strategic officer ‘Nigel Kerr’ as finance director. He will work on financial strategy for F1 Motorsports.

“I am delighted to welcome three extremely experienced figures who have established themselves as experts within Formula 1 over many decades.” Said Brawn.

“We are building a team that enables stronger links to be forged between Formula 1’s management and the sport’s various stakeholders, ensuring that regulations are implemented with the involvement of all parties.”

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