New F1 game revealed

Game developers Codemasters have officially announced the latest iteration of it’s Formula 1 game series.


‘F1 2017’ features new cars, new handling models and even a new logo (above). But that’s what you would expect from the yearly franchise.

What makes this game different is that it will make a return to classic cars. The last time saw something like that was back in ‘F1 2013’.

But even then it was some what hidden away and you had to go to a different game mode to play it. But now the classic cars will feature in the main career with a press release from Codemasters saying that the player will be invited to different events throughout their career, in which the cars will be driven. Similar to the invitation events featured in the F1 2006 Championship edition game.

There will also be different variations of some tracks such as Silverstone, which will be available in career invitation, multiplayer and time trial modes.

The press release also said that there will be 12 classic cars in total with 3 having been announced in a teaser trailer you can find here.

The cars revealed are: 1988 Mclaren MP4/4, 1992 Williams FW14B and the 2002 Ferrari F2002. Although the Mclaren will either come with pre-order and day one versions of the game or as a DLC.

The trailer also revealed a release date of August 25th.




You can find the original article here.

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