Opinion – Is Sauber-Honda a good idea?

Barcelona F1 test 07/03-10/03/17
Marcus Ericsson (SWE), Sauber F1 Team. Circuit de Catalunya.

As you may have heard Sauber will be using Honda engines from 2018 on wards. But is it such a good idea.

Firstly i’m surprised that anyone even a a team like Sauber would choose Honda the way they currently are, to try and get back up the grid. You only have to look at the partial rise and dramatic fall of the Honda engine over the last 3 years to wonder if they’ll even continue on.

But we now know they will after Sauber signed the deal and it would appear Mclaren are staying on board as they will supply the Swiss outfit with gearboxes as well.

Now I’m not a stock market player, I don’t really know how it works. But from what little I do know I would imagine that a trader would not look a commodity that they know will drop way below it’s current value after they buy into it and do so. With the hope that it might become a lot more valuable some time later.

Now it may look like I’m going off topic but lets take that and put it into a theoretical situation.

Let’s say like the trader Sauber knows that Honda engines next year will be the same if not worse come next season. But they have been promised that the engine will be right at the top in 2019 or later. However they have no guarantee that this will be the case.

Where they two scenarios differ is that Sauber barley made it into this season. Yeah they may have gotten new investment but they could have dropped out had they not out scored Manor the way they did. And just look what happened to Manor.

Now the point I’m trying to get across is that Sauber can’t just hold on to hope they’ll be competitive in 2019 or later. Because if they spend another one, two or more seasons alone at the back of the grid and championship, they might not even make it to that point just like Manor.

To cut to the case they might not have that long to wait.

Now please take all of this with a pinch of salt. after all I don’t know what the Honda engine will be like next year and even so with four cars rather than two to test with it could improve more dramatically.

Additionally you do have to consider that fact that Manor left due to financial problems when Sauber over took them in the points and earned the additional prize money. That was under the system in place with Bernie Ecclestone. With Ecclestone now gone we are hoping for a fairer distribution of prize money and that could be Sauber’s lifeline in my scenario.

Either way it’s interesting to think about.

What do you think?

Let me know by leaving a comment or replying to the social media posts.

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