Billy Monger vows to race again

Billy Monger lost both legs after the crash

British Formula 4 driver Billy Monger has vowed to race again after loosing both is lower legs after an accident at Donnington park in April.

Monger, who turned 18 yesterday, collided with a slow moving car causing severe leg injuries. It took marshals nearly 2 hours to release him from the car, he was then air lifted to hospital and placed in an induced coma whilst doctors performed the operation to amputate his lower legs.

In an interview with him in hospital (which he is due to leave today) he said: “When I found out the extent of my injuries I still didn’t think I would get the support that I have got. It just shows you when a tragic event like this happens how people pull together.”

“I definitely want to take the positives out of this and make sure that I use it in a positive way for the rest of my life now.

“I have still got a few years in me for sure so I want to prove how much you can do even with something like this.”

During the interview Billy showed a letter he received from the ‘Grand prix drivers association’ with signatures from some of his heroes including Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

Billy Monger's letter of support from the Grand Prix Drivers Association

He also thanked the medical staff at the hospital that treated him saying:

“They have all lived up to high expectations. It has been truly inspiring to see how supportive they are of all patients, not just me, and without them I wouldn’t be here today.

“So a massive thanks to every single one of the staff who have helped me. It’s going to be emotional saying goodbye to them all.”

After the accident happened his story spread far and wide with the hashtag #Billywhizz (from his self given nickname ‘Billy the Whizz’) began trending online. A fundraising page was also set up the help him with rehabilitation, it currently stands at £801,937.

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